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December 2023: Red & Green 🎄

Classic succulent varieties showing classic holiday colors!

Senecio String of Pearls

Phenomenal trailing succulent with slender, string-like stems that can grow up to 3.0’ long

Crassula rogersii

Soft, velvety plant with chunky, green leaves that grow in upright pairs along each stem

Calico Kitten

Heart-shaped leaves are stacked on long, narrow stems that arch downward as they grow

Baby Jade

Round, glossy leaves flush red at the edges when exposed to direct sun

Sand Rose

A colorful, clumping rosette with white hairs along its stem and bicolor leaves of olive green and burgundy

Fairy Crassula

Large leaved stem succulent with broad, round leaves dotted with freckles

Small Red Carpet Stonecrop

Easy to grow mini shrublet that has spreading branches and small, oval leaves