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August 2023: Beads 'N Beans 📿

Beady little bean nubbins! These succulents use their chunky leaves to store water so that they can tolerate very long droughts. All are Sedum species or hybrids and they love lots of sunshine.

Sedum burrito

Vigorous trailing variety that can grow stems up to 3ʹ long covered with bean-like leaves

Sedum 'Orange Delight'

Sun-loving stemmed rosette with chunky leaves and a robust growth habit

Sedeveria 'Jet Beads'

Distinctively shaped succulent with short stems covered by chunky, teardrop leaves

Sedum 'Mini Me'

Dwarf Jelly Bean variety with tiny, round leaves lining its short stems

Sedeveria 'Blue Burrito'

Large, robust grower with long stems and a full covering of slender, pointed leaves

Graptosedum 'California Sunset'

Range of pink, orange, and purple tones, with deeper colors when stressed by sun, drought, or cool temperatures

Sedeveria 'Pink Granite'

Soft pink leaves and a pastel green center, with the brightest hues when grown in full sun

Pachysedum 'Frank Venz'

Long, faceted leaves sprout upwards from tall stems and give a crystalline look

Sedum Blue Jelly Bean

Chunky, finger-like leaves sprout upwards from tall stems that can reach 12.0” tall or be pruned short

Sedum 'Salsa'

Spunky plant with jellybean-like leaves that curve upward and show light facets

Sedum x adolphii

Vibrant succulent that shifts between yellow, orange, and near red tones depending on its sun exposure