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July 2023: Summer Belles 💅

Sedeveria 'Blue Elf'

Blue-green rosette of flattened, upright leaves that blush orange and pink at their tips

Graptoveria 'Olivia'

Olive green rosette with rosy pink leaf tips and a bronze sheen when grown in bright sun

Graptopetalum 'Purple Delight'

Delightfully splotchy pink to lilac leaves show vibrant pigments when grown in full sun

Echeveria 'Emerald Ripple'

Hardy to 30°F (Zone 10Shiny, apple green leaves are tightly packed together in a low, cupped rosette that can reach 5" wide

Graptoveria 'Debbie'

Pink, lilac, and peach tones with the most vibrant pigments appearing when grown outdoors or under a grow light

Graptoveria 'Murasaki'

Pink to purple rosette that show its most vibrant pigments when grown outdoors or under a grow light