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All of 2022's shipments, organized by month.

December 2022: Lost in Space 🪐

Your new plants are out of this world! ...Though they really ought to be indoors through winter.

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November 2022: Trailin' Tendrils 🌿

These trailing succulents grow long, cascading stems that will spill out of containers. They’re also a great option for hanging planters! With their slender, string-like stems, they tend to thrive with a bit more water than most succulents.

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October 2022: Fall Gardening 🍂

These frost hardy succulents make low maintenance, drought tolerant succulent landscaping a viable option, even in climates with snowy winters.

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September 2022: Freaky Foliage ➰

Bumpy and curly and toothy oh my! The leaves on these lovable weirdos are sure to delight. Some of them are “Not Your Average Succulent,” so be sure to read the care cards and email us if you have any questions!

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August 2022: Chocolate Mint 🍫

Stay cool this summer with some Mint Chocolate Chip! These sun-loving, tender succulents make for a high contrast arrangement that combines minty greens with luscious, chocolately browns and mixes stemmed succulents with rosettes.

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