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October 2022: Fall Gardening 🍂

These frost hardy succulents make low maintenance, drought tolerant succulent landscaping a viable option, even in climates with snowy winters.

Sempervivum 'Bronze Pastel'

Dense rosette of tightly packed leaves with pointed tips and ciliated margins

Sempervivum 'Gold Nugget'™

Iconic cultivar for its unbelievable color shifts between yellow, gold, red, and hot pink

Sempervivum heuffelii 'Jade'

Pastel rosette that shifts in color tone from lime to jade to blue green through the seasons

Sempervivum heuffelii 'Bronze Ingot'

Elegant rosette that changes color seasonally between lavender, pink, and blue green

Sempervivum heuffelii 'Gold Bug'

Bright, cheery rosette that changes color from yellow and lime to red and orange through the seasons

Sedum kamtschaticum var. floriferum 'Weihenstaphaner Gold'

Vigorous ground cover that brings lushness to simple, drought-friendly landscaping

Sedum sexangulare 'Golddigger'

Prolific ground cover plant for an easy outdoor succulent garden or green roof