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January 2023: Pet Friendly 🐾

Love plants and animals? You're in luck! Most succulents are non-toxic and pet-friendly. This month's selections all play well with Fido and Kitty, even if your furry friends get curious and nibble on your plant pals.

Gasteria 'Little Warty'

Outstanding indoor plant that thrives with less sunlight and water than most succulents can tolerate

Air Plant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Fuego'

Tropical epiphyte that grows anchored to jungle trees instead of out of the ground

Sedum rubrotinctum - Jelly Bean

Fun, stemmed succulent covered with tiny, bead-like leaves that flush red in direct sun

Haworthia retusa f. geraldii

Recurved leaves bend back to expose translucent, triangular leaf tips to as much sun as possible

Sedum clavatum

Sweet, pastel rosette that can grow robust stems up to 8.0" long, which sprawl and spill out of pots

Echeveria 'Lola'

Classic beauty that’s been popular for decades for its pearlescent coloration and vigor