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March 2023: The Great Outdoors ⛏

Sempervivum dolomiticum x montanum

Spunky hybrid of two wild species that makes a great garden plant for its vigor and prolificacy

Sempervivum ciliosum

Frosty looking rosette of green leaves covered with small, shimmery hairs

Sempervivum arachnoideum ssp. tomentosum

Heavily webbed with a covering of thick, white wool that helps the rosette tolerate full sun

Sempervivum 'Borealis'

"Roller" variety that sprouts rounded offsets which easily break off and roll away to root

Sempervivum 'Chocolate Sundae'

Striking rosette of glossy leaves that flush brick red to carmine with full sun and cold nights

Sempervivum 'Fandango'

One of the largest cultivars of S. heuffelii with its extra-long, broad, green leaves