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February 2023: Strawberries & Cream 🍓

Sweet ‘n dreamy succulents for cultivating love! These charming varieties get pastel tones and a matte finish from a coating of natural wax or “farina”.

Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg'

Classic, resilient hybrid of E. 'Metallica' × E. elegans that has been a favorite since the 1930s

Sedum Pink Jelly Bean

Chimera of regular Jelly Beans (aka 'Aurora') that blushes rose to coral pink in direct sun

Graptopetalum Ghost Plant

One of the most popular succulents due to its stunning coloration and easy cultivation

Echeveria Fleur Blanc

Classic rose-shaped succulent with powder blue foliage and delicately pointed tips

Graptosedum Alpenglow

Soft rose to deep coral leaves resemble the colors of snowy mountains at sunset